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Ok, so here’s the deal – the only traders who are going to really understand what this site is about are real traders with real experience.  None of the videos on this site are going to be “get-rich-quick” videos.  Instead, these videos are hand picked (i.e. curated) by experienced traders who believe that the information presented is really and truly useful.  So, if you’re browsing the site and thinking “wow, this is really useless or “wow, I can’t learn anything” or “wow, I’m not going to make money with this”, then this site obviously isn’t for you!


We’re going to try to pick the best videos we see each day but we doubt we’ll be posting more than 3-5 every day.  We’re always going to have our go-to authors – those folks that keep producing quality material day-in and day-out.  So if you see the same names popping up again and again it’s not because we are being paid, its because we believe in the material they are posting.

Always Keep Learning

So what are some of the ways to use the material we post here?

  1. You can just randomly play videos from any section – you’re bound to learn something no matter what.
  2. You can do a search on a keyword and find all the videos with that keyword.  Unlike Youtube, you will probably find less than 10 in each keyword – you’re not going to have to wade through a ton of crap to find stuff that is useful.
  3. You can just play today’s videos.  No matter what your perspective its always good to hear opposing view points. The biggest danger for a trader is to stay stubbornly married to an opinion.

Thanks for visiting and reading this page.  We appreciate it!

‘- Your friendly hardworking staff at Tradingclips.com

PS: Actually, we might include “get-rich-quick” videos under a “Comedy” section.

We curate the best, most informative trading-related videos from around the web.

Hundreds of trading videos are published each day - its impossible to view them all. But that's ok - most aren't worth viewing anyway. We pull the ones that are worth your time so you don't have to wade through the ones that are useless to your trading.

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